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We produced our first cannabis oils in 2000, but our story began many years prior. From off-grid grows and making concentrates in sheds to where we find ourselves today as one of the largest recreational brands, we were born of an adventurous spirit and a belief in something greater than ourselves. Our story began with a common bond over a shared passion for cannabis and a reverence for its vast capabilities and potential.

We rooted ourselves in California in 2000 to bring our passion, experience, and expertise into the cannabis cultural renaissance and transformation that was emerging. We began building the brand — and the lifestyle — that is now Dabstract.

Our consumers have been at the forefront of everything we do from day one. We view life as art, and cannabis as a vehicle of unlimited potential to help people create the canvas that is their life. We want to be a part of this creation, which is why we feel “The Art of Extraction” embodies the spirit and purpose of Dabstract — we are passionate about helping people make the most of the adventure that is life.

Whatever experience a consumer is seeking be it relaxation, boosted creativity, or medical benefit, we are committed to providing the highest quality avenue for them to get there, and align ourselves with the best growers, the best genetics, and the most innovative minds in the industry.

All of our products contain nothing but pure cannabis. Dabstract is marked by an uncompromising commitment to our craft, a higher standard of quality and integrity, and a passion for innovation and staying on the industry’s cutting edge.

But to put it simply, Dabstract was borne of our appreciation for the plant and those we share it with.