About Us

Satori is the Buddhist term for an awakening or sudden enlightenment.

In Zen Buddhism, it is the experience of, "Seeing into one'st true nature; that moment when the flow of energy allows you to see the truth."

The legal cannabis market represents an awakening of sorts within our cultural norms. Satori MJ has a passion for cannabis and sound business practices. With 6 locations in Washington and Alaska, Satori welcomes you to experience the comfortable, relaxed and professional atmosphere every Satori location is proud to provide!

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Founder, Justin Wilson, is a Spokane local and has supported the legalization movement for over 25 years.

Satori opened it's first location in north Spokane, Washington in 2014, since then 5 additional Satori Dispensaries have been launched through out the Pacific Northwest, including Seattle Washington and Anchorage Alaska.

In addition to Satori, Justin Wilson also founded Piece of Mind, a retail/culture store, over 20 years ago in Spokane, Washington. Piece of Mind has grown to 8 locations across the Western United States, including Anchorage, Alaska and Newport Beach, California and has been awarded “Best Smoke/Head Shop” in Washington by Dope Magazine for three consecutive years!